Our Workshops

Dining Etiquette

Students learn the basics of dining etiquette, which includes utensil usage

and general dining behavior.  Empower your students with crucial dining skills

needed for all occasions.  


Image Etiquette

From sitting, walking and standing to basic make up application and hygience, our Image Etiquette Workshops teaches students to put their best foot forward.  Workshops are easily adaptable and includes both male and female students.


Public Speaking Etiquette

Treat students to their basic public speaking workshop that introduces them to the do’s and don’ts of presenting themselves before an audience.  Students have an opportunity to practice their speeches at the end of class.

Business Etiquette

Empower students with the basics of business etiquette through this informative workshops that introduce students to basic business etiquette skills, proper introductions and greetings and how to stand out in the workplace in a positve way.  

Thank you for your interest in the Etiquette and Leadership Academy.